Need A Little Jack A Little Happy Jack

Dec. 26

Jack Johnson that is.  It’s cold and I am singing in my bedroom while I get ready for work.  My lyrics online have been hijacked by some ad from Walmart telling me I have won a thousand dollar shopping spree.  I am doing the best I can from memory to sing along with Mr. Johnson.  I never knew how much I loved this song until I read all the lyrics.  I thought I loved banana pancakes but now I am turning things upside down.

Dec. 27

Upside Down again.  This time I’m on the back deck watching doves eat birdseed off the roof of my neighbor’s little porch.  Sometimes I see her toss the seed out for them.  I am trying to sing quietly so I don’t bother the birds.  I wonder if birds ever try to sing quietly so they don’t bother me?  My sister in law texts me that she sang Morning Has Broken.  “took me right back to my camp days singing that for campers to wake up to”

Dec. 28

Walking uphill with Bruno pulling me along and I am still feeling Jack.  Is this the way its supposed to be?

Dec. 29

I’m in my kitchen making toast.  David Earl is on the counter watching me.  I ask him to teach me some melodious sonnet sung by flaming tongues above.

Dec. 30

Terri comes in my bedroom and tells me she is ready to go and sing at the statue by Beaver Lake.  We quickly throw on our jackets and hats, put Bruno on leash and dash to the car.  We are driving by a strip mall parking lot when my sunrise alarm goes off so I pull in and park.  We jump out and find east.  We are laughing and singing and sometimes doing the humming thing because we can’t see the lyrics on my phone without glasses.  Please don’t ever go…

Dec. 31

It is Sunday.  Betsy meets me at the park and we talk while we wait for sunrise.  It is overcast and very cold.  Banzen has asked for “Dream On’ by Yusuf and it is short so we decide to sing one more.  I bring a book my daughter made me at Christmas.  It is a collection of song lyrics she has either heard me sing or knew I would like.  There is one song that makes me laugh and is perfect for just me and Betsy.  I know my daughter picked it because she has seen us dance and sing this song while cooking together at the beach.  Oh Cecilia, you’re breaking my heart, you’re shaking my confidence daily.  I’m down on my knees and I’m begging you please to come home.  Come on home.


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